caldwell parish Market Access

Caldwell Parish boasts excellent opportunities for market access. Caldwell Parish is located just off of Interstate 20, providing roadway connections to nearby cities like Monroe, Shreveport, Alexandria, Natchez, and Vicksburg. Caldwell Parish also has several other highways, such as Highway 84 and Louisiana Highway 4, that provide access to Caldwell Parish from other locations.

Formerly known as the Columbia Airport, Caldwell Parish Airport provides a convenient option for air travel in the area. The facility is located just outside of Columbia, providing travelers with easy access to nearby communities and larger cities in the region. Caldwell Parish Airport is the ideal destination for those seeking convenient access to Caldwell Parish and the surrounding area.

In addition, there are several railway lines that traverse Caldwell Parish connecting it to other parts of the state. The Caldwell Parish Railway, Louisiana Delta and Southern Railway, and the Kansas City Southern Railway are all major railways that run through Caldwell Parish. Each of these lines provides Caldwell Parish with reliable transport links to other parts of Louisiana as well as other states in the region.

This combination of highways, railways, and airports makes Caldwell Parish an ideal location for businesses looking to take advantage of efficient market access.  With its proximity to nearby towns and cities as well as easy access to transportation networks, Caldwell Parish offers unparalleled potential for growth and development.

caldwell parish Market Access
caldwell parish Market Access taxes incentives
caldwell parish Economic market access
caldwell parish Market Access


Monroe, LA - approx. 36 miles via Hwy 165
Shreveport, LA - approx. 134 miles via I-20
Alexandria, LA - approx. 64 miles via Hwy 165
Natchez, MS - approx. 76 miles via Hwy 425 & Hwy 4
Vicksburg, MS - approx. 100 miles via I-20 & Hwy 133

caldwell parish Market Access


Caldwell Parish has 2 primary highways that run through it, providing easy travels to the surrounding regions.

  • Highway 165 - which runs north toward Monroe, connecting to I-20, and runs south toward Alexandria
  • Highway 4 - which runs northwest to southeast, connecting from Chatham to Winnsboro with Caldwell Parish in the middle.
caldwell parish Market Access


The Union Pacific Railroad is the largest in North America and runs north to south through Caldwell Parish, hauling freight and operating 8,300 locomotives through routes in 23 states.


The Ouachita River flows through Caldwell Parish from north to south east. It is 605 miles long in total and the 25th longest river in the U.S.


Located in Columbia, the Caldwell Parish Airport is owned by the Caldwell Parish Police Jury and is open to private airplanes only.

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