Try a taste of our good lookin' cookin'! Caldwell Parish offers a wide variety of authentic cuisine options, from Mexican to Cajun, or pizza with a cold beverage. Our local restaurants have everything you crave, and you're sure to leave happy. If you're pressed on time and looking for a quick meal, Caldwell Parish also has a variety of fast-food and drive-thru options. 

Let's not forget about many of our residents favorite hobby - cooking! You can gather all of the groceries you need from our large super markets and local farmers markets! Be sure to catch our local festivals for even more options on homemade, homegrown, and baked goods.



Local Restaurants

Caldwell Parish is home to some of the best cooking in North Louisiana. You'll find a wide variety of food, and the dishes are delicious!

Franchise Restaurants

Needing a quick, yummy meal on-the-go? Stop by and grab a bite!

Grocery Stores & Markets

Take a quick trip to the grocery store or any of our locally-owned markets to grab what you need to prepare any meal!


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